Mushroom Glycerites

Over the last few years it seems as though companies involved in producing mushroom supplements
have been engaged in an “arms race” of sorts, with each company trying to outdo the other in terms
of how many beta-glucans or other of the important constituents of mushrooms end up in their
supplements. The problem with this “pharmaceutical” approach to herbal extracts is that you end up
with standardised or concentrated extracts that bear little similarity to the whole natural herb. You
end up with a pharmaceutical!
This approach distracts us from the fact that these mushrooms have thousands of years of use; their
reputations growing way beyond other herbs and medicines. Reishi for example, has been practically
worshipped thanks to its reliability and effectiveness. All this incredible history was not based on
pharmaceutical extraction or concentrating and isolating active components…it was based on simply
making tea from them! Boiling them in water, simple hot water extraction.
So, what we have done with our extracts is to take a step back in time, to traditional methods using
whole mushroom fruiting bodies cultivated on organic substrate. Our mushrooms are extracted by
the traditional hot water extract and then mixed into a base of vegetable glycerine. Deliberately
moving away from pharmaceutically manipulated extracts and back to whole, food state mushroom
extracts, as it was done for centuries.